Grace’s exciting day

I started my day this morning working on this blog, trying to figure everything out when I received a phone call from my daughters boyfriend, Matt.  I was a little concerned since I never hear from him but was somewhat excited at the same time!  You see, back in August, Matt and Grace were here visiting from Richmond {where they live} and Matt shared with John that he had inherited a beautiful ring from his Grandfather.  Matt wanted to have John help him get it set for a future proposal!  So, I sort of knew what was going on.

Matt had asked me for my blessing to ask Grace for his hand in marriage.  He wanted to ask her today while they were apple picking.  Of course tears filled my eyes and I was so excited to give my blessing.  The waiting after that was very painful.  Finally a few hours later, I got a call from Grace announcing the wonderful news.  We are so excited for both of them and look forward to all the fun to come.

I’ll keep you posted on the details as they work themselves out!

Congratulations Grace & Matt.  I love you so much.

Grace and Matt engagement

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