Marshmallow “Pops”

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With only a few days before Christmas, there is probably still lots to do on your list:  buy the gifts, wrap the gifts, bake the goodies, plan the meal and so on!  So much to do.  I’m sure you’d like a simple, easy and fun dessert to have available.  The kids love these and they are the easiest things to make.  I made some for my daughter’s class at school, they were a hit.  What’s fun about these is that you can change up the theme of them for each holiday, as I’m sure you’ll get asked to make these all the time!

Just four simple ingredients is all it takes and I’m sure you have most of it in your pantry already.  You can find the recipe here, Marshmallow Pops.  I found the sticks at Pat Catan’s, which is a craft supply store here.  It’s just like Michaels and Joanne Fabrics.  You may even be able to find them in the grocery store.  The sticks are sturdier that straws but if you can’t find these sticks, you could certainly use straws.  There are a ton of options in the paper straw world right now and those can be found pretty much everywhere.


I used dark chocolate, it’s healthier you know!!!  (That was my justification to eating several).   I purchased the jumbo marshmallows to use, since they are bigger and more impressive!  And you can use any sprinkle you have.  I did find that the colored sugar sprinkles didn’t show up on the chocolate as well as the “jimmies” did.  But, use what makes you happy.

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wrapped in basket

I hope you get the chance to whip these up for the holidays, but if not, find some time after the rush is over and sit back and enjoy a “guilt-free” snack.

wrapped pop

Happy Holidays and please don’t blame me after you’ve eaten a few too many  🙂

Till next time.


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