My view from a volleyball game

  As I sit here at a volleyball tournament that my son is playing in, I get angrier by the moment. Why am I getting angry at a sporting event? Sports are supposed to be a good time and especially when they are kids, 18 years and younger. If you’re at all familiar with volleyball tournaments, they typically take up most of your day and it’s a lot of sitting around between matches. Sometimes you move from court to court, sometimes not. You bring your own chairs and claim your stake in the prime spot on the court! Of course, every parent is vying for that middle spot at the end of the court to film their kid. Because you know, everyone’s kid is a D1 player!

So back to my anger. Maybe I’m not really angry, maybe more annoyed. Annoyed at the behavior of these kids. Not all the kids though, just a few, because for the most part, these boys are great kids. The few I’m referring to are the ones that walk around here feeling entitled, acting like they are owed something. They don’t show any respect for adults, let alone their peers. They are just rude. I’ve been on the receiving end of this behavior from boys I don’t even know. I’ve been bumped into without an apology, I’ve had my belongings walked on, without a thought about what they may have just ruined! It really makes me mad. I guess I’m just mad at their parents. Yes, their parents are to blame for this.

I get mad and annoyed because I have worked so hard to teach my kids to be good people. To think about others and above all, be respectful of their elders!! (Yes, I’m old; therefore I use the word ‘elder’). I have taught them right from wrong. I have taught them that regardless of other’s behavior, always do the right thing. Sometimes it’s painful for them and sometimes it’s painful for me to have to explain why other kids don’t do what’s right.

So to all those parents out there that think it’s ok to be your kids friend and not do your job of parenting, shame on you. You need to do your job. If you don’t have time for it, maybe you shouldn’t have had them! Just sayin’. But remember, you’re the one that will have to eventually deal with your rude, entitled kid, because no one else will.

As I sit and write and reflect on my madness, I’m actually feeling better. I’m better in knowing that I have done a great job in raising my kids and I feel better in knowing that I actually feel sorry for you. I just hope karma doesn’t bite too much.

Until the next tournament.


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