My visit to a college campus

My son was home for his Fall break this past weekend and I brought him back to school. Because he attends school in Indiana and we live in Ohio, I decided to stay over to avoid a 10 hour drive!  

When we got back to campus, he proudly walked me around to show me where all of his classes are. I even got to see the car he’s making in his Epics lab. It was so heartwarming to know he’s very happy here and seems to be in the right place. That’s all we can hope for for our kids, to be happy in their moments. 

We enjoyed a nice dinner and then I dropped him off at his dorm to do that studying he was supposed to do over break!  I’m not gonna lie, sitting in a hotel room by myself was kind of like heaven!  I miss my husband and my little one, but mindless time alone is a luxury. 

So today, I take my time getting ready and then head to Starbucks to get my coffee. Of course there’s a line that stretches a mile long. (How do these kids afford this every day?). I relax with my coffee and wander outside to see all these kids shuffling to and from classes, all while basking in the beautiful weather. I love to people watch and a college campus is a great place to do that. As I’m looking around at all the people, I make a huge observation, hardly any leggings on these girls!!!  

I know, why am I checking out what they are wearing?  I wasn’t really, but just happened to realize that the majority of girls are wearing jeans and pants, not leggings. I don’t know about you, but everywhere I go at home, practically every girl/woman is in leggings. And pretty much every one of those girls/women should NOT be in leggings. This is where I thought that’s all I’d see, on a college campus. I’m pleasantly surprised. 

I’m going to enjoy these last moments on this campus before I head back home. I can leave my baby boy this time knowing he’s ok. He’s happy, he’s healthy and he’s growing. I’ll only have a few tears this time because I always miss him, but this time, they’re tears of joy.  

Enjoy your day and find the beauty in the small things. 

Until next time. 

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