Rustic Holiday Decor

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This year I just couldn’t decide on a specific “theme” for my holiday decorations so I just went with what I had and added little bits of nature to the mix.  When all was done, I realized that I’ve created a “Rustic” look to my home.  This is something that I wouldn’t normally do, but I have to tell you, I just love it.

It was a lot of fun to decorate my “new” living room.  If you’ll remember, I recently repainted and got new furniture, so it was fun to have new pieces to work around.  Here is an overall view of the living room.  As you can see, red was the main color added this year.  I really thought I wanted to add silver, but the red just really pops in here; adds life.


Living Room with logo


The fireplace was probably my biggest challenge since we added the TV above it.  I usually have a large mirror and more space, but I think it turned out o.k.  John wasn’t too keen with me putting a wreath over the TV!!  Haha.


A lot of the pieces that I’ve used are from Target, they honestly have the cutest decorations right now.  I don’t know about you, but I can spend hours strolling through Target.  I always walk out with way more than I went in for (much to John’s dismay!). Our Target store has just redesigned their store to make it more user friendly.  So, if you are a little “design-challenged”, they have rooms set up to help you see how you can put things together.  I love it.  And no, this is not a plug for Target, I just happen to spend a lot of time there.  (On second hand, maybe they should pay me!) wink-wink!!

Another place that I absolutely love and get a lot of decorative items from is Decor Steals.  You’ll see their pieces scattered throughout my home.  They offer a lot of vintage, industrial pieces that I happen to appreciate.  You can sign up for their email to get the daily steal of the day.   It’s an addiction that I’m trying to reign in.close up logs

I also used a lot of the scented pine cones, that not only add that natural touch, but add the scent of the season.  Nothing like walking into a room that takes you back to those fond memories.  We get a live tree each year and I ask the attendant to cut off the bottom branches for me.  I use throughout the house to add that natural touch.  You’re already paying for the tree, so don’t waste any part of it; bring it all home.

Now that I have the house decorated, we can sit back and enjoy the season.  I would love to see your decorations, so please feel free to share.  Did you go rustic, elegant, whimsical?  Either way, I hope you enjoy your season as well.




From our family to yours, Happy Holidays.


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